Once upon a time, two sisters, creative enthusiasts, had a dream. The dream was so wonderful that they wanted to make it a reality. It was woven from threads of love, desires, colors – from the finest to the most durable.


L – as a LEITMOTIF, and our guiding thought is „Love is the oxygen of life“

– as OPTIMISM, because we see things on their good side

O – as an OPPORTUNITY to achieve the dream

– as a LEXICON, a set of our emotions, thoughts, interests, abilities, choices

– as AUTHENTICITY, a precisive expression of our creativity

’ – as a break, an oasis after hard work, and also a turn, from traditional into the modern

– as SYNERGY, the union of our abilities, the pleasure of being a support to each other, but also the critics of each other, and although the letter is small (s) and at the end of the word, it is very important because it crowns our commitment, hence the crown in the logo ☺


Loola’s is therefore a home where we design, hand-craft and market unique and creative accessory solutions, items that we have reconciled with tradition, modern, practical and urban, casual and special. In an age where production automation is being insisted on, our mission is to keep and maintain manual creativity at the heart of the market, turning it into a successful business.

We want to make it possible for you to enjoy with us the quality of what we create and become an example of a dream come true.

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