Branded Purses – Pros and Cons

Branded purse or months of starvation – the question now is?

Just as most women will never understand men’s passion for football, so most men do not understand why women suffer so much from details in all spheres of their lives, from clothing and footwear to purses, jewelry and makeup.

Women like to look beautiful at all possible occasions. This is a well-known fact. After clothes and shoes (and, perhaps, a mobile phone), the next essential thing, without which they simply would not be able to reach people’s eyes, is a purse.

Where else to mix up all the little things that you might need during the day? Wallet, keys, cellphone, mobile phone charger, makeup – it’s a must. And there are chewing gums, nightshades or an umbrella (depending on the weather), lip balm, hand cream, wet wipes, regular wipes, mirrors, a bottle of water … Do I need to list further? 😊

Now, how do you choose which purse to walk on that day? That, already, should be left to personal taste, mood, needs and affinities… But what is the purse that no woman can resist, before which her determination about outfit compliance, current trend, appearance, this type of accessory falls into the water. Of course – Her Majesty, Branded Purse. Every woman (well, maybe not every, but certainly at least 90% of the nicer women) wants to have a unique purse from some famous designer. It’s easy to recognize them (branded purse, not “every woman”) – you just open one of the fashion magazines and you are immediately taken in by a bunch of ultra-slim and beautifully photographed models who often pose with their expensive darlings hung over their shoulders, around their waists or carelessly tucked away in the hand of their blazing owners. This whole “package” (the model and her branded purse) looks so powerful that even ordinary women, for a moment, we almost begin to believe that having such an accessory will bring us into the limelight, give us the strength to move the hills and valleys ( they do not, of course, but the personal ones, momentary ones), give us the power, as a “Super Woman”, to solve all our current problems without even blinking. And, here we come to the reason why ordinary women, like us, do not “walk” one of these cards. What else could be a stumbling block than the fact that one such potential “darling” would not even be “paid” by the annual salary. In vain our eyes blink at the words: “Tiffany”, “Chanel”, “Gucci”, “Prada”, “Fendi”, “Dior” when there is no where to go … ☹ Still, let’s think. What really makes these expensive purses special, apart from recognizable logos?
  • They are made of quality materials;
  • There are many different styles, shapes and sizes;
  • You can choose from elegant, sophisticated, sporty, casual and any-not-all variants;
  • Some models are adorned with specific details, which add to the overall outfit of proud owners and put her in the spotlight;
  • And, perhaps most importantly, these bags are unique. What does “unique” mean? Quite simply, you’ll rarely run into another person wearing the same purse.
You can choose the color, the details, the shape of the purse that you think goes with your personality.

Are we sure that there is no solution for us to express our individuality and specialty?

Of course, plan B always exists. Both plan C and plan D, if necessary. We women are always ready for anything.

Well, since we can’t get a firm glue on and firmly decide not to drop it for the rest of our lives, we go to the “next best thing” – (o) an intermediate level of quality, like, say, David Jones bags. Large selection of models, innumerable colors, sizes. For everyone’s taste. But everyone is just… But here we are already leaving the frame of the decision “I want to be recognizable, my own, to give my every outfit a personal stamp”. Because you know what serial production is – it’s not impossible for you to run into the exact same purse as yours on the street, in transit, at work, in a cafe … well, anywhere … Will it bother you, bring a pale smile to your face or you won’t care?

Another option is handmade, crocheted or knit purses. Made of different materials. Various shapes and sizes. Different colors. Monochrome or colorful. All in accordance with individual desires, affinities, interests. They slipped slightly into the 2017-2018 summer season to enter the main door with confidence in 2019.

For those of you who do not want to waste time researching on the Internet, the good news is that big retailers have largely included such bags in their offerings: Bershka, Stradivarius, H&M, Mango… They are serial, but, you have to admit, still with a dose of originality.

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