How to choose the right bag for each day?

Dear ladies, you have to admit – bags (or purses) are one of the essential details of our outfit, wherever we go; our third hand. Most often they are too heavy, full of all sorts of nonsense, unnecessary trifles, for “God forbid,” but – we can’t do without them. Then, at least, let’s tailor their appearance, size and content to our needs, to streamline things a bit.

First of all, we would not be women if we were not attracted by trendy trendy handbags and bags of modern appearance, which are worn by models and famous diva, smiling widely at the (online) pages of the most read women’s magazines and portals…
And that urge to own such valuable and modern little thing, which is only yours, is quite normal, human, feminine…
Still, let’s be honest, what looks beautifully packaged in photoshopped images doesn’t have to be (and most often isn’t) practical and useful.

That is why it is necessary to choose a purse according to your wishes and to your own needs, but keeping to some basic principles.

Be practical!

Often, we cannot (or do not want to) adhere strictly to current trends. Each of us has our own personal style, so if that coincides with some global trend – then fine, if not – I don’t care, I’m screwing my own style. Many of us will, first and foremost, be practical in choosing a purse – do I need one for a particular event or do I want to be on hand throughout the entire season?

You can carry a mail bag on one shoulder, but its long strap certainly gives you a much more convenient way of carrying it – diagonally, over the opposite shoulder. Thus, the bag is firmly in place, there is no need for constant adherence “not to slip”, and your hands remain free, while, in the race against time, you rush through the city and perform daily tasks.


Size is very important!

You need to think carefully about whether a large purse really suits your needs, but (what most women pay little attention to) is such a purse going to your height. If you are low growth, so-called “Pocket Venus,” wearing a huge purse can make you invisible, regardless of your trendy outfit, perfect makeup, or dizzy high shoes.

Most of the people you come in contact with at first glance notice where your purse ends. That’s the part of the body that Jennifer Lopez, for example, secured at $ 27 million!

Loola’s tip plus: if you have a small butt, choose the length of your pouch that reaches the level of your hip. If you do not like bags of this length, then the waist is where your purse should reach.

On the other hand, make sure that the BAG does not become too small for your needs, which, again, change over the years.
When you have children, do you choose a beautiful “vintage” pouch that can fit mostly just a mobile phone or a spacious and content pouch that can fit all sorts of little things cleanly on hand (like lipstick, hand creams, wet wipes) , ordinary wipes, chewing gum, cartridges or tampons, painkillers… Do I need to list at all?)?

Stylish black purse for all time or more bags in trendy colors for every occasion?

The most common color of bags women buy is black. It’s neutral, practical, goes with almost all clothing combinations, doesn’t get dirty easily.

However, for special events, going out or even for different seasons, it is a good idea to have several bags of different colors. Especially as we emerge from a cold and gloomy winter into a cheerful and playful spring, something simply drives us to surround ourselves with cheerful multicolored little things and so brighten the day for ourselves and others.

And what bag is made for me?

There is no need to experiment or force ourselves to follow trends here.

If you already have a defined style, all you need is for your purse to follow that style. Not the other way around! If you like to dress casual and relaxed, your bag will also be informal and in tune with your style. If your job is to go from meeting to meeting all day, then the bag must also convey your business and elegance.

Will my home budget withstand it? ☹

Yes… Question of all questions…

Some women are ready to make a fortune for branded handbags. Are you one of them too?

Only rare lucky women can buy branded bags without blinking their eyes.
The choice is yours – will you buy an expensive branded bag and then starve for one (or more) months or will you find a more acceptable option?

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