What dictates fashion in 2019 when it comes to purses

Choosing the right purse gives that ultimate “perfect touch” to any outfit, and I think we can safely say that it’s not easy for us women nowadays. With all those big, small, canvas, leather, classic or extravagant models, the question is “What to choose?”

If, like me, you are a follower of some new trends that involve a return to nature and natural ingredients, this year you will be in for a “sweet break”, because in 2019, when it comes to handbags, they are marked by these and such – bags made from natural materials.

Our bag can really be the star of our clothing mix, so we have to choose it with great care, especially if you want to jump in a special outfit for a special, festive event. However, we should not neglect the recommendations of the big fashion houses, when it comes to the current fashion trends for 2019.

Gucci brings knitwear to the forefront, whether made of rope, raffia or straw. It does not matter if it is a large so-called. Tote bags, small over-the-shoulder bags or so-called “mail” bags – the focus of fashion trends for 2019 are handbags made of natural materials in their original shape and natural colors.

Dior, on the other hand, as one of the top trends for purses in fashion in 2019, brings to the fore the unusual shape purses (formerly saddle bags) in bold combinations of patterns. Also included in their top selection are XXL bags called Dior Book Tote, which is, in fact, the luxury Dior version of the former. Mail bags.

In a truly large-scale offering of “Dior” dignified, expensive, colorful, kaleidoscopic (or, as they call it, “dioroscopic”) bags and all sorts of modest “boho” bags, it’s clear that the world knows that and Dior is aware of fashion trends ie. focus on natural materials, but that the old lady will still continue to make her own style.

Still, to give back to some, for our opportunities (and wallet), closer brands.

In the well-known Zara, the women’s handbag website is all about knit: thin leather straps, oversized thicker wool purses with fringes on the side, so-called. clutch jute bags or round raffia bags carried diagonally across the shoulder.

For those of you who love to stay in nature and want to enjoy from time to time a meal spread over a checkered blanket on some green meadow, far from the bustle of the city, there is also a wicker picnic bag at your disposal…

Natural colors, natural materials. Trends that are already present in nutrition and cosmetics have now found their footing in fashion in 2019 as well.

Many other brands, which, in essence, focus more on selling clothing, still pay some attention to their purses.

Thus, Pull & Bear, on its website with purses, focuses primarily on bags made exclusively of natural materials. There are various, they are very nice and the prices are very affordable.

Stradivarius isn’t far behind either – purses of different sizes and shapes, all made from raffia, immediately catch your eye when you enter the page of their e-shop dedicated to this accessory.

In Mango too, lovers of handbags made of natural materials can find something for themselves. XXL jute bags, round bamboo or cane bags, knit net bags for every day… Or as a first minute preparation for going to sea. Why not? Catch the “low start” while it’s time.

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